I spent most of my childhood with a pencil in hand, most of my teens with a guitar on my shoulder and have rushed through most of my adult life, programming for computer gaming companies. And, to this day, I still hold a pencil, still play my guitars and am actively producing software at home or at work.

Ever since I started tinkering with programming, I have known that I wanted to find a medium that touches on all of my hobbies and interests, a medium where I can take part in all parts, programming, design, music and the arts. Continuously improving my understanding and skills. Be it computer games or some other interactive applications. The goal being to be creative and find a good home for my imagination.

This blog revolves mostly about my personal goal of making my own computer game and my own tools. A challenge that weathers patience, time and self discipline.

It is a home to my various opinions, ideas, and my invitation to anyone to look into my obsessively goal oriented personality and what becomes of it.

Go ahead, peruse the results of my time and efforts.