36th week

Last week, I could not work on my game one bit. I started working as a contractor for a very interesting company and spent the rest of the week moving things from my old office, to the new office. Getting access cards, filling out forms for creating my small company to handle all the logistics for the contract work and eventually the logistics for my games when they are ready.  Busy work, but not busy development work.

So, Monday, Tuesday and the First half of Wednesday I am working for Modio3d. The later half of the week I am working on my game. Starting work again today and was very relieved to have all the equipment move and working at the new location, starting to feel productive without lingering feeling of disruption because of needing to move or deal with people with loud equipment hammering inside the office.

This arrangement of working 50% as a contractor and 50% on my own game is a very good deal I must say. I am really hoping that it works out very well and that I can impress and help the company out with their work.

Sine it is summer, I also tend to use the weekends for mingling with various relatives, friends and travelling in the sun. A small impact on the development speed, but I think all of this mix that I am in, is a good mix to be in. A small development buffering with gradual introduction to business responsibilities and set up.

I have read a few business related books to understand a few things about setting up businesses, marketing and various other considerations one needs to keep in mind so that you can keep focus on what you really want from all of this.

Getting back into the office first thing tomorrow morning to grow momentum and get some serious work done. Have a few lists to attack, but there are also some features I need to harden and might get lost in for a few days before these lists get proper attention, but I will just have to wait and see.

1 thought on “36th week”

  1. Congratulations on the gig with Modio3D. Looks like a really interesting company to work with and small enough to learn from as you build your own.

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