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State of things

For the last few weeks I have altered my schedule so that I can wake up around 6 am and grab a couple of more hours in the morning on my project. Getting used to waking up so early was easier than I thought, it just has to go in hand with going to bed… Continue reading State of things

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The biggest problem with building software is that we rarely adhere to ways to ensure that it can change from it was intended to be, into what it needs to be. I usually make a naive basic distinction of a generic solution and a specialised solution, based on the amount of knowns and unknowns. If… Continue reading Errors

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My weekends have been very productive

I was removing some old implementation and I removed just about any Unity GameObject I was needlessly constructing. So, the only game objects my editor is creating are the wrappers around the final geometry, the rest is just numbers in arrays and custom structures and classes. Very few instances where we allocate from the heap… Continue reading My weekends have been very productive

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Time consuming

I have been living more inside of notebooks, scribbling possible solutions to problems with my leaky pens, than actually implementing the solutions for the last 12 weeks almost. I always feel a bit cheeky when I do, as if I could be more productive if I actually just opened up a text editor and started… Continue reading Time consuming

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Just a little bit crazy

Since late October, I have been reworking the internals of my Lump editor, which is a 3D tile modelling software I will use to construct geometry for my games with additional options. The way I initially constructed it, was just through a collection of game object in Unity with some simple heuristics and a post… Continue reading Just a little bit crazy


Another new year

As soon as you get comfortable, you start to accumulate bad habits. Start to degrade. I know a lot of people who are looking for that sweet spot, where not trying and not competing anymore is acceptable. A stress free environment where you are entitled to a package of privileges because of your accumulated efforts. Working… Continue reading Another new year

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4 weeks of engineering

For the last 4 weeks, I have been working on this hardening and re-implimentation of the core structure for my LUMP builder, so that I could make it more optimal(more efficient geometry and smaller memory footprint), more robust data structures with less features and be easier to maintain. As in, rewriting the core component of how… Continue reading 4 weeks of engineering