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End of summer

For the last 5 weeks, I have been on vacation for the most part and moving house. As in, "relaxing" and not doing much work on my game projects. I don´t like moving, and I sure as hell hope that this time around we will stay in our current residence for longer than one year.… Continue reading End of summer

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Unreal Engine

As I was playing with Unreal Engine and browsed through the programming guide, I was struck with a bit of nostalgia. The programming interface is very similar to how some of the C++ systems I worked with at CCP and are very similar to other C++ engines that have filled a couple of books that… Continue reading Unreal Engine

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Draw calls

There is another underlying problem with all them cubes, is that they will run your draw call budged through the roof. So, you need to merge the cubes into a fewer mesh items. Maybe using an Octree so that you can spatially sort the cubes and pick a minimum amount of cubes that are being… Continue reading Draw calls

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Mesh simplification, is done.

I started tackling creating some simple mesh simplification for my blocking prototype, so that I could fix various visual artifacts and keep the polygons down to a minimum. And in the case where I allow the user to create his own custom blocks to paint in along side the regular blocks, you would like the… Continue reading Mesh simplification, is done.

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I'm staring out the window of my hotel room in Amsterdam, full of excitement about the Unity conference I am attending tomorrow morning. Traveling with the office laptop that has all the office commitments and projects on it, with a steady stream of notifications about meetings, tasks, queries, bugs and reminders about features I am working… Continue reading Unite



I realized something as I was running my tests after I had implemented all of my optimization algorithm. My initial optimization and cleanup phase removes some of the internal geometry that the second phase sort of depends on. So those pesky invisible faces make RayCasts fail when going from row to row. I will need… Continue reading Ffffffuuuu

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I updated Unity to 5.1 just now, and my highlighting system stopped working with transparent items and some other minor things. But, the work to fix things was just some minor adjustments and cleanup. Nothing like the porting of NOP from 4.6 to 5.0. Where script references, components and various features where missing and I… Continue reading Updating

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I’m going to try and keep a diary on this blog again

For the last month or two, I have not been very disciplined when it comes to work and I have actually regressed in focusing on tasks. When I moved my office back into my apartment, I stopped keeping a fixed time to work on my projects and stopped keeping a rigid control of how to… Continue reading I’m going to try and keep a diary on this blog again


Autodesk, NOP and prototypes.

I have been working for Autodesk since 1st of January, but was unable to share that information because of various reasons, until this week. It is a nice company to work for and offers a nice arrangement for me because they are not in the game making business themselves and have no problems with me making… Continue reading Autodesk, NOP and prototypes.

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Gameplay test

I put together a minor puzzle to figure out how to use the game engine when assembling these puzzles properly. This little demo is missing the UI elements for the elevator and the big movable container lift. Hard to recognize them as such since this is all just boxes. But those UI elements would tell… Continue reading Gameplay test