Programming, Work

End of summer

For the last 5 weeks, I have been on vacation for the most part and moving house. As in, “relaxing” and not doing much work on my game projects. I don´t like moving, and I sure as hell hope that this time around we will stay in our current residence for longer than one year.

The development gear is starting to wind up again at night, programming, refactoring, rolling my eyes at my mistakes and brushing up on art things. My girlfriend works on her master thesis around the same time, making fun of my pacing as I step away to think about a problem.

My current task is taking a bit of time. Mostly because I needed to refactor a few things and fit it into the UI as simply as possible. Those pieces finally came together last night after running into a major fault with one of the options. I sometimes just need to put in the work before I can understand the problem properly.

Working on the current prototype did also unearth some other mechanics that fit into my NOP project as well.

I will happily delete some code tonight and hopefully have something to show.

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