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I’m going to try and keep a diary on this blog again

For the last month or two, I have not been very disciplined when it comes to work and I have actually regressed in focusing on tasks. When I moved my office back into my apartment, I stopped keeping a fixed time to work on my projects and stopped keeping a rigid control of how to progress through tasks. I need routine and more importantly, I need to enforce routine and discipline, otherwise I will just start to procrastinate and loose focus.

So, I am going to start blogging on a daily basis again. Even if it is just a simple line of text, reporting the lack of work. I need the routine to help me keep disciplined and ordered. The practice of this actually helps a lot. Also, try to keep fixed hours for when I am working on my projects to help with planning and scheduling.

1st entry.

I am still working on the geometry simplification algorithm for my blocking prototype and have solved the main problem, refactored a few things and added the needed data to my data structures. My blocks/cubes and soon to be more primitive shapes are all generated procedurally , so that I can add/remove sides of the cube when needed. It needs to be able to quickly extract the indices of particular faces of the cubes as well so that I can merge the faces while I walk through the adjacent pieces.


All of this has intermediate steps, construction planes and a few passes that make it a bit heavy if the grid gets too large. My plans are not yet running within the application, but that is what is next in line. A simple version of this where I focus on a single axis and get one side of those cubes merged and simplified. This will probably not create the most simple and optimal mesh, but it will be good enough so that you can have many of those objects on screen.

So, I am going to work more on this tonight and try to see it partially working.

Ta ta

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