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I’m staring out the window of my hotel room in Amsterdam, full of excitement about the Unity conference I am attending tomorrow morning. Traveling with the office laptop that has all the office commitments and projects on it, with a steady stream of notifications about meetings, tasks, queries, bugs and reminders about features I am working on.

I don´t put personal projects on the office computer, but the personal laptop that I would also have brought with me is actually at the shop because it was starting to surprise me with random reboots, freezes and blue screens of death.

The most complicated feature of my latest prototype is almost finished and I am a bit frustrated to not yet see that particular feature done. As soon as I can clear that from my tasks and from the back of my mind, I can surely move onto other things of various complexity. I wanted to add new shapes, such as corners and slanted cubes so that you could make some sort of gradient change in the custom creations, since I am working on that particular end of the software already. Polish a couple of things and move onto the actual game features I wanted to try. After that, I wanted to add the import and export of the shapes so that I could reuse the items in other projects such as NOP and others.

The builds have been dropped into a dropbox folder that is shared among some people, so that they can play with it and see what parts of it they like. When I have added more of these complicated features, I need to expand that group so that more problems can be found.

There needs to be a in the sand to indicate where I have enough of the supporting features to create a game out of them and only fix and add the features that are missing and needed after that. Making games fun is just about as challenging as creating complicated software pieces, so that is right up my alley as well.

But at this exact moment, I am just waiting for the next day to start, so that I can learn some new things and meet some people.

Ta ta

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