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Crunch week

So far, I have managed to persist all my data, export it, move the editor into the actual game and fixed a number of bugs that I have exposed by trying to use my Lump tool to build actual content.

I try to build one thing and run into a slight snag because I can’t overlay two shapes on top of each other, so I need to add layers. I was not able to reuse one of the shape because I needed it inverted(scaled by -1) to match the desired shape so I need to add that as well. I need those features so that I can get away with not having the shape library get filled with special case blocks.

I was supposed to be done with all of this and only be building content with the tool for the actual game. But, every software project gets delayed or dragged on a bit. “Almost there” seems to be the constant phrase.

There are of course shapes you would like that you can’t really add with the blocks and primitives I offer, so I will be creating a few of them manually in Modo to serve as static shapes for special cases.

I will post some screenshots tomorrow.


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