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4 weeks of engineering

For the last 4 weeks, I have been working on this hardening and re-implimentation of the core structure for my LUMP builder, so that I could make it more optimal(more efficient geometry and smaller memory footprint), more robust data structures with less features and be easier to maintain.

As in, rewriting the core component of how things are built, or removing all the prototyping hacks from the application.

So, when all the content is saved to disk, it is all the data that can re-generate all the geometry without the geometry for all the building blocks. But for the larger items, that are created from multiple building blocks, the polygonal data is saved as well. But not in a form that can just be mapped to internal structures, but precomputed data structured that can be converted to mesh items relatively quickly.

The fresh new implementation is starting to work along side the old one, and will stay that way until I have completely replaced it. It is producing geometry and being rendered on screen, but it is just offset a bit so that I can see both and compare.

The grind is coming to an end I hope and traditionally paced development should take over. :p

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