Work ethics vs. Selling out.

A certain set of musicians have a strong sense of a proofing ground, where they risk their ideas and integrity on their own ability to produce the quality that you hear. Refuse to “sell out” for easy results and don´t want to take the short cut to success. Why?

The idea is simple.

Creating a strong base for building good results. Where the individuals matter and the results reflect their hard work and efforts. Strong feet beet shaky situations! I think that the premise that a lot of musicians live by is quite impressive. This unidentified road of trial you have to walk to make your songs matter, make your voice and opinions sit and sound through our culture that is guided by voices and rhythm.

We want the work to matter. The numbers be accurate and not be lied to.

I think this is just as well found in other fields, such as startups and gaming companies. Where a part of them will hustle their way to something that is identifiable and strong. Where they have something that can´t easily be reproduced and has a unique sound of sorts. This is our land, this is our mark.

When the culture accepts just to fast forward passed the hard work, you end up playing poker the whole time. Know how to read faces and produce various faces on demand because your emotions are mocked up by heuristics and simple rules.

I am not a fan of poker. I would never trust a poker face to guide a NASA rocket to the moon. It is about playing the odds against your opponent and using human frailties to direct the odds in your favor.

It can be a sport and an art form, but when it comes to something care about I want to see an unspoiled sample. I don´t want to see your urine in my flower pot you ace-hugging mother fucker!!

I am now at home, crawling towards midnight, building things on my own, not with a team, but with my own two hands. Creating things most will shy away from because it is too much work, or just do not know where to begin.

My vulnerabilities are on the line and they are reflected in the whole effort.

Now, I need to keep working because I need to squeeze a few hours in before midnight.

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