Just some thoughts

Most engineers and indie gamers are more focused on trying to create a business from a computer game, rather than creating a business that can create computer games.

The former choice is usually driven by the fact that a lot of us have no idea about how to create a business unless we strike some luck with our creations and create a wealth of capitol that than can be used to create the actual company. Building what we would like to play and bet on the quality and entertainment of our product to keep us alive for another round.

The business centric approach is a lot more calculated in a sense that you would pick something that is likely to succeed on measurable merits rather than on your personal merits and hopes for the future. Read into the demands of the market and try to produce something of value that fits into the exposed veins. Create VR games, free-to-play match 3´s or anything else that could maybe be featured on some App store and hope that you reach enough numbers through your design and attraction to create a growable base.

But to survive you need a good mix of the two. Be genuine enough so that people take you seriously as a creative entity and calculated enough to make ends meet.

I have had the eyes of an artist and an engineer for the longest time but I also take the business side seriously, but I am not just very good at it yet.


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