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35th week

So, the programming sandbox has swapped its ZMQ with nanomsg. I have removed the asmjit and will just use Nasm as a binary generating assembler, allocate executable buffers and plug those in to have run alongside the just-in-time compiled LUA code.


Added syntax highlighting for the little code editor, which is implemented in a bit of a novel fashion. I use the built in Unity Text Area as a GUI layer to utilize for its multi-line editing feature but I set the text color to be completely transparent, so the text rendering is all done by DaikonForge GUI. I have 3 separate UI labels on top of each other, each with its unique color. Through some simple regular expressions, I replace text with spaces to have the layers underneath render that piece of text instead. All UI label have the same text to begin with but as I remove text from the top layers, the color from the layer below will appear and give you basic color for keywords and comments. I don’t want to use the markup language these text controls offer you, because the player might accidentally activate some visual feature in comments or text that I do not want to have happen.

Otherwise, I will be doing contract work for half the week for the next few months to supplement my income. Doing some interesting things in Unity and working with 3D printers.

The rest of the week I will dedicate to this ongoing project as usual.


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