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35th week

So, the programming sandbox has swapped its ZMQ with nanomsg. I have removed the asmjit and will just use Nasm as a binary generating assembler, allocate executable buffers and plug those in to have run alongside the just-in-time compiled LUA code. Added syntax highlighting for the little code editor, which is implemented in a bit… Continue reading 35th week

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203rd – 204th day

There is a lot of construction happening at my current office location. The kitchen and bathroom are being renovated, so intermittent drilling, hammering and various other activities that generate quite amount of noise. So my productivity is hurting a little bit because of it, but it should be over soon enough. Still working on the… Continue reading 203rd – 204th day

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202nd day

Added the variety of logic gates to the navigation setup and cleaned up some of the graphics. Have some layout issues to solve and need to create the graphics for the look-at node. Adding some UI for editing some things that can´t be done through a visual 3D interface also. Need to pick this up… Continue reading 202nd day

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195th day

Created a couple of the game objects with all their associated graphics for the navigation nodes today. Which would be the proximity trigger and the timer. Need to connect the items graphically to the node that they are influencing. I am keeping a nice pace while working on this and will continue tomorrow morning. I… Continue reading 195th day

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192nd – 194th day

Reworked the navigation UI elements, added some motion blur for when you are moving or editing the navigation nodes and worked a little bit on some music. Tomorrow I will be working on the manipulation modes, and content for those visuals that come with the various flavors of triggers. Each node can have two triggers connected… Continue reading 192nd – 194th day

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186th – 189th day

Working on the navigation features and various items related to that still. And since I am making content again, I am also fixing some tech debt related to my toon setup. Created a base texture with my toon masks and colour palette, also created custom mip maps for it. Most objects will share this texture… Continue reading 186th – 189th day

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184th – 185th day

Making more features for the navigation aspect of the programmable machines. Have reworked things quite a bit, so the overall implementation is going to be a lot simpler actually. It looks like I will remove those previous navigation UI buttons because I have made them redundant. The procedural geometric pieces are not going to get much more… Continue reading 184th – 185th day