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203rd – 204th day

There is a lot of construction happening at my current office location. The kitchen and bathroom are being renovated, so intermittent drilling, hammering and various other activities that generate quite amount of noise. So my productivity is hurting a little bit because of it, but it should be over soon enough.

Still working on the navigation graphics and features, adding the remaining items and cleaning up the graphical implementations. While working yesterday, I spotted a couple of items that I felt were needed to add into the mix. Nothing major, but it will cost me a couple of days more in setting up graphics and interactions.


Also working on making the items that might become quite numerous on screen to have a very lightweight setup and minimal rendering cost.

There is only one utility missing from that image, which is a counter. That simple trigger will turn on after a predefined number of hits. Other than that, there is now a frequency locator by the root node. This frequency locator will control how often the logic for that tree is calculated. You can set it to run through all the steps on every frame, or just when a certain event is triggered.

The state icons on the right of the image are placeholders for states that various configurations can set. You can have a network of triggers and gates set a particular state at one point of the map and at another point, have a duplicate of that state to feed into a navigation node for activation. Much like a remote switch.

Just need to get the last of the graphical stuff finished so that I can start programming the actual navigation behavior.

More of the same again tomorrow.

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