Art, Programming, Work

192nd – 194th day

Reworked the navigation UI elements, added some motion blur for when you are moving or editing the navigation nodes and worked a little bit on some music.


Tomorrow I will be working on the manipulation modes, and content for those visuals that come with the various flavors of triggers.

Each node can have two triggers connected to it, and can have two paths leading out from it. A binary tree basically with conditions controlling which path to take at any point. When you have two triggers assigned to a node, there will be this hovering little ball above the node that you can click to change the mode of the gate. An AND, OR or an XOR logical gate.

But I will have to play with this considerably when I have it running, and without a doubt will find ways where I can improve, reduce or need to enhance some things.

This is fun.

By the way, you can listen to some of the music samples on my sound cloud if you are interested.

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