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186th – 189th day

Working on the navigation features and various items related to that still. And since I am making content again, I am also fixing some tech debt related to my toon setup. Created a base texture with my toon masks and colour palette, also created custom mip maps for it. Most objects will share this texture… Continue reading 186th – 189th day

Programming, Work

184th – 185th day

Making more features for the navigation aspect of the programmable machines. Have reworked things quite a bit, so the overall implementation is going to be a lot simpler actually. It looks like I will remove those previous navigation UI buttons because I have made them redundant. The procedural geometric pieces are not going to get much more… Continue reading 184th – 185th day

Art, Programming, Work

6 months of work

I'm still working on my own stuff after 6 months, alone with 2 cats as my company. And I love it. I have never had this much fun and I never enjoyed work this much when I was actually own someones payroll. The freedom you get from running your own show does move mountains when… Continue reading 6 months of work

Programming, Work

179th – 181st day

Programming all day and making a lot of progress. Started by fixing some Shader issues on my mac, then I got a team license for Unity so that I can properly sync up with my perforce server when working form Unity. Added better management logic for the highlighting objects to remove some redundant updating overhead.… Continue reading 179th – 181st day

Programming, Work

169th day

I was supposed to be gunning forward with creating procedural geometry and adding features for my navigation UI, but I got sidetracked by a glaring crash bug. When I find those, I just can't ignore them and continue with some fancy feature unless I know that the crash has been removed. This crash bug had… Continue reading 169th day

Art, Programming, Work

167th day

Adding more features to my navigation UI. Need to make the navigation mesh stand out and be rendered when in this mode, so you see the extends of the area you can place location nodes on. I'm not going to get lost in creating pretty icons for all those buttons just yet, or wait until… Continue reading 167th day

Art, Programming, Work

163rd – 166th day

More UI programming and additional scene loading logic. The base mode switches have been setup, so that I can swap between the navigation/synchronization UI and the programming UI when within the game at the top of the screen. The navigation UI is what I am working on right now. The 3 buttons at the top… Continue reading 163rd – 166th day

Programming, Work

162nd day

Got back into programming and added a few buttons at the top to activate the various modes. Since you can either be programming, setting up logic gates for navigation or just roaming around the world, I placed these various modes into three buttons that will be at the top. The activation for the programming window… Continue reading 162nd day

Music, Work

160th – 161st day

Yesterday was mostly reserved for moving house so I did not do a lot of work. But today, I actually managed to work in Bitwig and create a small piece of test music and a few sound effects. BitWig testing I created my own synthesizer effect for this and used a few free sound library… Continue reading 160th – 161st day

Art, Programming, Work

149th and 150th day

Got the runtime libraries working with the newly constructed UI. Working on making the whole process and programming logic integrate with the scene management so that the processes that are running are still being handled correctly when I transition between scenes. There were a few UI issues that came up regarding the multi line text… Continue reading 149th and 150th day