Art, Programming, Work

163rd – 166th day

More UI programming and additional scene loading logic.

The base mode switches have been setup, so that I can swap between the navigation/synchronization UI and the programming UI when within the game at the top of the screen.


The navigation UI is what I am working on right now. The 3 buttons at the top are just temporary placeholders until I create some nice icons for them. Through the navigation/synchronization UI, you will be able to control the movement of machines and behavior with logic gates and triggers. So their actions and movements are synchronized and get triggered when certain events happen. So instead of just clicking the floor and the robot/machine will immediately navigate to that point, you can setup a chain of navigation points and then add conditions to those navigation points.

Making the UI for that behavior make sense and be simple is my current challenge.

I also tweaked the scene loading logic so that they get activated after a certain amount of time after they have been asynchronously loaded in the background. As an example, when an elevator gets activated, you load the next scene in the background but wait until the elevator has reached its destination to activate it.

I need to work on this UI and the navigation behavior.

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