Programming, Work

162nd day


Got back into programming and added a few buttons at the top to activate the various modes. Since you can either be programming, setting up logic gates for navigation or just roaming around the world, I placed these various modes into three buttons that will be at the top. The activation for the programming window is not through the pop up menu anymore. Since I consolidated a few things and moved things around. That particular radial menu needs to be revisited.

The mode buttons are just these color squares for the time being, but they will get some sort of icon filled into them when they are functional.

When the game is launched, these three lines that are hanging down towards the center of the main menu will crawl up and represent these three modes. The navigation/synchronization or programming mode will drag a layer of UI on top of the frame and give you the tools you need. The middle button is just to roam around and observe.

This will become clearer when I get this running.

More than just code needs re-factoring when you see flaws in their implementation.

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