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149th and 150th day

Got the runtime libraries working with the newly constructed UI. Working on making the whole process and programming logic integrate with the scene management so that the processes that are running are still being handled correctly when I transition between scenes.

There were a few UI issues that came up regarding the multi line text area control  in Unity, but are all working as intended now. There are some undocumented things in Unity that are quite useful, but are not used much in games. Basically I guess because most games do not need this multi line text area feature that badly and it is mostly just used for the Unity editor.



I also moved a few buttons around so that smaller resolutions are not hurting the look of it. And to also move the buttons that relate to the activity of the process away from the edits and outputs of the process.

I will continue with this on Monday, so that all this work integrates and flows well with the game as it loads and unloads the scenes in Unity. Also, having some of the game processes and items in separate processes saves me the headache of managing them, since the OS can do that for me while I load however much data each level needs.

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