Programming, Work

151st and 152nd day


There was no work yesterday, but today I placed the programming menu into my scene management stuff and got it working. Buttons are being enabled, disabled based on the state of the process. The output and error buttons get notified when output and errors are waiting in the buffer to be viewed for a particular process and all that jazz.

I needed to re-factor some stuff that took most of the day actually, but after that, it was quite straight forward to get all of this stuff to behave as it should.

Tomorrow, there will be more work to clean this up and make sure that it is properly integrated with the rest of the game. After that, I was actually thinking about spending a week on sound effects and music before I start working on the logic gate navigation.

Sound and music is something I have not really touched since I started, and I think I should give it a few days of attention to get my feet wet. Get some basic sounds working and a demo tune for my little main menu.

Anyway, I will continue again tomorrow.

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