Programming, Work

179th – 181st day

Programming all day and making a lot of progress. Started by fixing some Shader issues on my mac, then I got a team license for Unity so that I can properly sync up with my perforce server when working form Unity. Added better management logic for the highlighting objects to remove some redundant updating overhead. Added effects for a gray scale overlay for my menus so that the background scene looks inactive. Also added transition effects so that they slide in along with the UI to look awesome.


Working more on the navigation stuff and its features for the next few weeks. Hoping that all that functionality will be “done” by end of May, maybe sooner.

When the player sees that green floor in the navigation mode, he will be able to place his navigation nodes and triggers onto that. Right now, the mesh is just generated automatically from the actual navigation mesh, but it might actually be worth exporting it and cleaning up in Modo so that it looks better and does not contain all the glaring cuts and holes that Unity might add or remove.

There are still a couple of more hours left of this day, so best try to make good use of it.

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