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176th – 178th day

My mac mini is now all dancing with my perforce/git setup and the game runs on that sad Intel graphics card.

Also nice to spot the differences with minor things, such as the mouse wheel controls and some shaders that don’t map correctly between the systems. The performance on that particular Intel graphics card is also not very impressive for 3d graphics. It also forces you to review some graphical features, how they are implemented and managed. Working on the two extremes, the low-end and the high-end.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 15.01.12

It is nice to have a performance profiler within Unity. It gives me a nice overview of what is going on. Though it is not exactly telemetry, but it is quite useful.

I am finally done with all my Source Control fixing for now, so I can actually work on the items I was planning on doing 5 days ago.

Fun stuff!

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