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175th day


Got most of my source control configuring and set up done. Even checked in my first CL into this perforce/git mix.

Through this git fusion, I can control from within perforce what parts of the depot I turn into .git repositories. I simply just create workspaces and git sees those as .git repositories. Isolate logical code pieces and work on those through git on any machine. As I push those changes up, git-fusion forwards those pushes into perforce so that everything is in sync. All the git authentication is done through ssh since it is the most straight forward way of doing it.

The git, git-fusion and perforce server are sitting on my virtual private server in New York. It is backed up regularly by the service provider also, which is very nice.

I also expanded my drop box account so that I can use that as a distributed network share and drop backups and builds on it. Along with art assets and anything that does not need to be tracked.

Thinking about setting up that CI server on my remote server as well.

Anyway, writing .bash scripts and configuring servers is something that I have not done in a while, but it has been a good exercise and a nice refresher for a lot of this stuff.

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