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186th – 189th day

Working on the navigation features and various items related to that still. And since I am making content again, I am also fixing some tech debt related to my toon setup. Created a base texture with my toon masks and colour palette, also created custom mip maps for it. Most objects will share this texture and its containing material, which uses a puny decal shader, and will cut down the draw calls and related overhead considerably. Will also consolidate a number of items into fewer meshes when I am satisfied that their setup is final, to cut down the draw calls even more. Even though the batching feature of Unity should take care of it for the most part.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 20.36.41

I was also looking at making my UV Toon plugin for Modo. Looking at their SDK and their UI utilities and how to extend the software for my specific needs. The form editor for it is quite easy to use, and from there you just plug your commands into its buttons. Having this plugin working properly would save me a lot of work later on when I start mass producing content. But I don’t intend on working on it until I have the navigation features working.

More of this tomorrow.


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