Various thoughts of the morning

It is interesting to run into failures of design or see when you integrate two separate ideas into the same item. Making them work in a similar fashion and compliment each other can push some pressure on your pencils and brains.

I am basically looking for anything that I can remove and simplify. Which I think is key when you are trying to do complicated things. You isolate things into manageable pieces that easily resonate with what you are doing and can be easily walked into, even when left on the shelf for a few weeks.

The flat-lining basics for arts is that the colors compliment each other and the shape is easily absorbed by your eyes. For that you need to be able to mimic what you see in a rough sense. Art does not need to be extreme high in detail to be good. Just that the shapes, shades and colors you see work with each other like the frequencies of keys in music.

And as for music, its flat-lining basics would be rhythm, melody and harmony. Certain keys harmonize well because of the ratio between their frequencies. The ratio between frequencies of colors could also give the same sort of harmony to the eyes as music to the ears, but what the eye expects to see, is not the same as what the ear expects to hear.

Allowing yourself the time to play with the instruments, which could be brushes, percussive instruments or strings. Helps you achieve an instinctual understanding of what you like to hear and see, but making a method out of it, so that you can produce what you want to hear and see can be a frustrating journey. Associating words to the complicated internal clocks of our minds is always a simplification. And our brain does a lot of adjustments on its own. Just as we express ourselves differently, we interpret things differently. Flawless expression of wants and intent would probably be the property of simple creatures with bobs , beeps and minor body language to communicate.

What we read is also influenced by who wrote it, when he/she wrote it, where and why. What emotions we associate with the particular mix of attributes will alter the way we interpret what we are reading.

If you feed sugar to kids while they are listening to slayer, you might induce the same emotion that was triggered by the sugar when they listen to slayer again. The same kind of conditioning can be utilized to trigger negative emotions just as well.How you have been shaped, has a lot to do with how fast you can progress and how well you can compete.

And as for programming, logic and mathematics, you are creating repeatable patterns where each run is predictable. An art in itself, but where the quality is determined by its reliability. A big part of the engineering challenge is making things simple enough so that the project is manageable and work is not impeded by complexity. Unweaving the complicated elements into rigs with simple adjustable knobs.

The results of your work are not Newtonian in a sense that you can predict the influence of it and where it will end by its initial values alone. But, the initial values is what a lot of people will take into consideration and try to make a bigger factor of the end result, in hopes of creating a pattern to follow.

There are too many comfort consumers out there that are not willing to take risks that gambles their couch infusing lifestyle. Willing to enjoy life vicariously, calling out names and tripping those that they can reach from their vantage point. In hopes that the physical world will synchronize with them and show the world that they had won and figured it out already.There is a lot of luck involved with reaching any goal, but you will always play the statistics and the biggest contributor for favorable results is hard work. You are not entitled to anything, and if you set out to queue up for your piece of the gold, you should take note of the massive size of the queue, and the disturbingly unfavorable numbers working against you.

One of the bigger benefits of working alone and having to do all the various disciplines myself. Is that I can move between them when I reach some sort of impasse and focus on something completely different. Take my mind of a particular problem and come back to it later while still maintaining momentum and feeling productive.

This is just what I am going to do. Continue to work my ass of. Continue to produce results and actually see this billion year old trick of hard work actually producing results and experience.

There is a lot of risk involved with what I am doing, but it is all worth it.

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