Programming, Work

169th day

I was supposed to be gunning forward with creating procedural geometry and adding features for my navigation UI, but I got sidetracked by a glaring crash bug. When I find those, I just can’t ignore them and continue with some fancy feature unless I know that the crash has been removed.

This crash bug had to do with allocating strings to be sent to my plugin. I was moving buffers between some string builders and removing data from them instead of just allocating new ones at each iteration. I did also clean up some allocation logic in the native plug-in as well to utilize the managed buffer instead of allocating their own internally. I did not see this bug until I started bombarding my game with processes that do nothing but send it garbage strings to print out. My previous tests were not aggressive enough, so this slipped passed.

On the other hand I did do some work related to the navigation features, but it was mostly just plans on a piece of paper and reworking some UI logic to account for some minor changes.

Even though I did not move very far with the navigation stuff, I am very pleased that I solved this crash bug within the day.

Hopefully, there will not be another showstopper bug to fix tomorrow and I can just run forth with my plans.


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