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170th – 173rd day

Still working on making procedural geometry and other fancy things for my navigation UI and features. Don’t have anything cool to show right now, but I did also get a bit sidetracked because of source control issues.

I chose to use Bitbucket for my Unity game, which utilizes GIT for its source control setup and allows you to create “unlimited” projects for very small teams. I thought it would be just find to check in with my sources a few content files so that I was able to sync this down on another machine and test without having to bake the light maps and such for that machine also. Could have just as well dumped the folder structure for the content on DropBox and have some sync up script to match the code stored on git hub and the content stored on DropBox. But my inattention to accumulation of such content files made my GIT depot on Bitbucket break the 1GB magic number and I can’t clone the depot anymore. The FAQ on the Bitbucket site tells you that there is no limit, but hints as a “guide” that a depot of over 1GB are considered to be too big for any use, and if you break that barrier, you are doing something wrong.

Well, I will admit that I was adding things into the depot that GIT is not very good at dealing with; which would be large files. But, I did not expect that it would grow so fast and that things start to “malfunction” on the Bitbucket site when you go over that limit. They can advertise that they have unlimited space, but will tell you that a depot over 1GB is a bad one, and we will not allow you to clone them or create a nice little download package of it.

With that in mind, I am moving my game project out of Bitbucket and into a stream where I can make such silly mistakes and not be hogtied by a marketing twist and a technicality.

What to do?

How to deal with large files properly? Should I just fall back on Perforce and use that for my game project? It is free for teams smaller than 20 people, and a team of one is still the smallest team there is. So it is free and all, but I will have to run the server myself.

But if I am running the server myself, should I just use git and allow my depot just to grow into a large mix of binaries and text files?

Setting up redundancies and backups of your redundancy systems can be a pain in the ass.

I did pick up a Mac Mini, so that I can do some testing and development on the Mac OSX for my game and various other options. I will probably use that as my source control server also.

I will have to get all the jazz cleared up before I continue programming tomorrow.

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