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37th week

Another week behind me and some progress for the game. I fixed various issues with the text editing and removed some elements as well.

There is just going to be one window. All the output and errors will not be placed into dedicated windows. I am taking advantage of the fact that this is a computer game and not an IDE. Allowing myself to create some flashy informative effects that otherwise do not appear in programming environments.



You can see in this image, that the output from the print is actually appearing with the editing window. So, when you run the program, you can actually get strong contextual information about the script and its run from its output. You can see what print statements generated what output, just as you will see what lines generated the errors. This is not synchronized with the execution of the script, but rather a playback of its generated output so that you can see how your program behaved.

This might end up being a not so good of an idea, but I am playing with it since it might be a useful tool to debug the scripts. Rather than giving you tools to step manually over each line, I will present you with a contextual animation of its generated output and errors.

I also removed the LUA command line at the bottom since it really did not serve any purpose anymore.

The game company has been founded by the way and it is called Low Level Games.

Got to keep on trucking.



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