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38th week

I managed to get the rest of the navigation graphics and programming features in a state where I can focus on the navigation evaluation.



There is no output window or a window for error messages. There is just the single programming window where the errors and output will appear in or by.

Here are a couple of demos with the error and output feedback in the code editing window.

The output is distributed over many frames to give you timing context also. How fast/slow that will be, is a matter of tuning and readability. This will be the only manner of debugging the scripts from within the game.

There are a couple of minor bugs that I have noticed while testing, but nothing that prevents me from moving on to the next set of functionality. All those nodes you place on the floor for programming the machines is the next thing I am going to get working. Will be interesting to see what type of problems they will unearth.

As far as timing and schedules go, I am about 6 weeks behind where I wanted to be at this point. Not that it has some meaning for me, just that the game will get finished a little later than I had hoped it would. But, timing and scheduling tasks where you have to create most things by trial and error is going to be highly inaccurate. I do on the other hand list out timed tasks for each day and try to finish them within the allotted time I have estimated for them. Lots of small victories throughout the day.

The new office space that I am in now is quite nice and cozy. Very different to have a stream of people in the same space as me, but it does not seem to have any affect on my productivity. All of them keep to themselves and try not to disturb anyone else. The location is also very handy in regards to my contract work, which is literally located in the next building.

I will try to do some work over the weekend.

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