Programming, Work

39th week

I got actual work done in regards to the navigation programming features of my game this time. The navigation points are activated in sequence, as you hit each one of them, the next in line becomes activated. If there are no conditions attached to the navigation point, it will become active as soon as you reach its previous point. There is of course the case of when you have multiple points leading from one and none have any sort of condition applied to them.Well, in that case you are doing things wrong and the first point in the list will just become your next target.

I did get the timed nodes to work as well, to show the conditions for each targeted node. As you reach a point the conditions and triggers for the next points in line will start to evaluate to see which point you should go to after that.

I just hacked in the start condition to get the machines running. Press space and the root navigation point becomes active.

As I was adding functionality for the proximity triggers, which need the involvement of other machines to function, I saw I needed to make some adjustments to the graphics when you are programming multiple machines. I just grey out the foreign programming nodes that belong to other machines so that you can clearly see what belongs to the currently selected programmable item.

So, there is progress, but it is a bit slower now since I am working half the week as a contractor. In addition to that, I am dealing with moving house yet again, and that is also subtracting from the development hours I have these days. Plus the paperwork involved in creating my company and making sure all that jazz is working as needed does invade otherwise zen like attack on my codebase and art assets.

I will have to make a serious push in the next weeks to be able to meet a deadline for a grant application in september. Just need to get the rest of the navigation feature up and running with some minor game play demo of it.

Working 2.5 days a week as a contractor does leave 4.5 days vacant for my game work which I intend to take maximum advantage of these next few weeks.


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