8th day.

Picked up a Wacom Intous 5 L tablet to help with creating sketches and other digital assets. Played with it quite a bit and went through a few tutorials to brush up on a few things. Did finish to model the mock pieces for the main starting area in my game.

While modeling I did realize that I need to create a collection of modules and prefabs to be able to assemble these things more easily, either in Unity or in Maya. Standardize a lot of the items and their sizes, so that I can throw them into the levels without having to do much redundant modeling.

Learned a lot of interesting tricks with Photoshop today. How to use the layers properly and various other tools that I had forgotten about or just not used before.

Looking at more tutorials today and revisiting my plans and schedule. I also am thinking about getting a new desk so I have the option of working while standing up, and also getting a proper chair to sit in. My working area needs to be improved since I am going to be spending a lot of time in it.

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