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15th day

15th day

Spending the day Painting. Went through some basic painting exercises to be able to paint properly lit and colored primitives such as spheres, cones and boxes. Watched a few hours worth of instructional videos regarding traditional painting to pick up some tricks, and started to work on my painting again.

The painting is quite large and I have laid out the scene with rough sketches and perspective markers to help with background pieces and buildings.

The central figure in the painting I have started to shade and to add some detail. But I should not get lost in details just yet since I have such a large piece yet to cover. The risk of getting lost in detail is that you commit to much work before you have identified all the influencing pieces in the painting. Reflected color, background color and various other factors you should keep in mind. But that sort of intuition usually is learned from mistakes.

So, I need to step back a bit and make sure the whole piece works before I lay in too much detail.

But, this is enormous fun I tell you.

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