Modeling work

It’s been a month since I did any sort of blogging. In that time I have been modeling for NOP, creating rather large set pieces for the first part of the game. I am doing all this modeling inside of Modo. There are a lot of nice modeling tools that make a lot of the repetitive work a lot easier.


A few nights I spent learning to use Substance Painter, Substance Designer and the new polygonal modeling tools in ZBrush. The new ZBrush modeling tools I find to be very impressive and the whole workflow of that particular software does compliment the substance tools quite well. It is very nice to be familiar with new processes, new techniques and tools that can speed up, simplify or help out in any way. There is too much of narrow minded specialization within the game industry where people stir the same pot for too long.

My previous office space was turned into a Hotel, so I was forced to move my development gear back home, into our bedroom. There is not a lot of room there, but there was enough to accommodate my large standing desk and the computer equipment. Our bedroom reminds me more of a game room of a spoiled teenager than a bedroom.

As I am working on enhancing this particular model piece and learning new tricks, the 4 year old foster son is watching Spongebob Squarepants behind me and the girlfriend is watching Game Of Thrones in the living room. Actually quite a similar setting as you would find in a normal game studio.

This weekend or the next, I will revisit the small prototype I did a month ago and try to wrap that up with some graphics and a few levels.

Otherwise, I need to get back to doing some modeling work.


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