Yesterday was a write off. A sad day at home.

This morning I am rewriting my old test scripts to include all the edge cases that have popped up during my efforts and to have a more of a demonstration scene where you can see all it can do. So the actual testing goes into the testing framework and the demo stuff just gets displayed with some fancy numbers on screen.

Get the test rewriting done first, so that I can verify that all my stuff is producing the correct results, then create the fancy demo scene where all the good stuff is displayed on screen.

Managed to get a rough prototype around my dual contouring meshing solution. Lookup tables and some other short handed magic. Mostly inspired by my previous meshing lookups for the neighboring blocks and how to find neighboring shared leaves. Allows me to stitch together different meshed patches to a seamless solid mesh.

Well, the old trick was to get all the immediate neighbors to a single cube. Then at the corners and edges were they meet, they would share the leaf data, so that the meshing would always be the same at all the intersections and therefor not producing any issues where the cells meet. Then using Dual Contouring, I can reduce the resolution of these mesh items and still keep the reduced mesh stitched together nicely on the borders as well

Will make a good tool for LODing and sculpting later on.

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