So, to test my native library I guess I should have a better way then just using some dynamic wrapper to remaps the function addresses dynamically for the C# scripts. If I would just have in the DllImport a string imported from a script that comes with the native dll. The native dll build could just create that C# script as part of its build and it would then up the name for the dll and change the string.

So when you build, you would not have to restart the Unity editor, just have it clear all the temporary dlls that were build while it was run the last time.

I annoyed my friend Simon with a brain dump of my ideas, and it is good to weather things with clever friends because they can easily see what you are doing wrong or right and re-evaulate just as you would get if you would be nice enough to give them a build to play with.

Anyway, after a small discussion I see that I don’t have to wrap up that SQLite implementation for my libraries as the flatbuffer library actually supports what I need and I can easily create a streaming setup for my flatbuffer without having to worry about another 3rd party integration. Win win! Simpler and all of it can be implemented on the managed side of the application.



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