Watching the original Bladerunner and working.

The command language I made for my builder looks very much like a rudimentary assembly language. There are just no control statements besides pushing and popping. No labels or jumps. The pushes and pops are those that control the context of each shape and the pop performs a boolean operation with the shape below it in on the stack.

colr 12
mtrl 0
  colr 0
  box -84,-52,-64,268,256,280,
   colr 0
   box -128,-128,-128, 128, 128, 128
   pop 3
  pop 0
 pop 0
pop 0

This simply creates a box and cuts it by a another border.

It also support replication and loading mesh resources to be converted to solid meshes.

So, all my assets can be these extremely small text files, that describe building rules for an unconditionally robust building system. Ample room to play with small distribution packages if one was so inclined.

So, the API is just a couple of functions to create binary packages from sources like the one above and send them to the builder to return a polygonal mesh out of it.

I like it. Just took a bit of time to create.

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