4 years, 1 month, 28 days

For the last 2 weeks, this household has been ill. We got the stomach flu about 2 weeks ago, and our youngest got some viral infection that has lasted for a week.

So, anything I have done on my project has been quite minimal for the last 10 days.

I am hoping that the holidays will be a bit easier on our health, since there will be no daycare, no school and no day job for me.  With that setup, I might be able to put a few more hours into this and get the runtime preview of the modelling operations done, add a couple of commands and test the marching cubes integration.

As a side note, I’m just thinking about other simple tricks to make the editor preview a little more efficient. I can easily use the AABB tree to check if a node collides with a single external node so that I can skip using the BSP tree to actually split those polygons. A simple polygon intersection test and a split by a single plane should make that more efficient, as long as there are enough of polygons with only a single intersection. And to actually test if 2 AABB tree collide is very cheap since you break as soon as there is a collision. Simple edge cases that make the whole a lot faster.

Need to add a simple polygon vs polygon intersection test, then I can test my AABB vs AABB tree intersections and start to look at how well it behaves.

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