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18th and 19th day

18th and 19th day

So my art refresher sprint has come to a close.

Been spending most of my time modeling the character from the concept art I created a couple of days ago. Have most of it done. Just need to map the UVs and create the texture. When that is done, I can attach the skeleton rig and apply some animations to it.

I am still working on my painting assignments and drawing, but I am not going to lose focus of my main goal which is to make my computer game. The paintings will be worked on at night when I feel I have contributed a noteworthy amount to my main project.

As for animations for the main character go, I will probably use something like iPi and 4 Playstation Eyes to basically motion capture the animations I need in my living room. Which should be fun and remove all the tedious animations I otherwise would have to create.

Now I need to look up those UV mapping and texturing tutorials on Gnomon and learn the best way of texturing my models.

Fun times.

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