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22nd day

22nd day

Laying out UVs and texturing can be fun but, it can also be tedious. There are a lot of tools in Maya that help you with the UVs layouts, but there is no magic solution available. The best solution for texture mapping is to have everything modular and the UVs layed out so that you don´t have to spend to much time mapping them again.

I don’t have the final texture done for the character, but it is being actively worked on. And as far as textures go, there is often a huge pixel waste when making them because of the painting process. There are ways to be super efficient with the image space, spotting solid colors, patterns and other items that can be laid out with a separate map or dedicated blocks within the main color map. That all depends on the amount of work you are willing to allocate for texturing and memory.

But I need to finish texturing this character.

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