Art, Work

35th day

I have been modeling a lot today and running into issues when importing geometry created in Maya, into ZBrush for some sculpting. The topology was not in the best form for ZBrush so that when I wanted to export all the poly paint as textures and normal maps, the UV packing was a bit wasteful. Since ZBrush sets all the polygonal geometry as quads, the triangulated models exported from Maya made a lot of triangle holes into the final color map. But it was very easy to just replicate what I modeled in Maya with ZBrush and work from there. But I need to get into the habbit of using the Multi Export Plugin and setting up some presets for ZBrush if I am going to be jumping a lot between the two programs.

I wanted to redo my little robot for my robot game prototype. Make it a little bit more exciting with some mechanical parts in it, and some wear and tear.

The shadow box modeling tools in ZBrush are very cool and make it super easy to create complex pieces. But to keep the topology low and reasonable is another thing. Sometimes you need to use the rigging tools to create new topology and make sure that the geometry is correctly represented for real time applications.

At the end of the day, ZBrush is extremely powerful and interesting tool.

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