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34th day

Adding more game play elements and pieces to my little robot game. Balloons, Lifts, Fans and Catapults, also improving the controls of the robot along with the controls for assembling the pieces. I have been working behind my raised desk for the last day and a half and I can feel my back straining. It is a lot better feeling than that lazy motionless feel you get when sitting for too long, and more of a burn in those lower back muscles.

I did also spend quite amount of time today learning about various ZBrush techniques(and still am) so I can fully utilize that software. You can easily just export any model from there into .ma files and feed into Maya for animation, or if it needs no extra processing, just use the FBX converter tools from Autodesk to convert the exported .obj files into .fbx for Unity to consume.

I have not really taken a day off from work for the last 34 days. For those days that produce little, it is usually filled with studying, drawing or learning something about the chain of tools I have at my disposal. Sometimes I feel guilty when I am learning these things because I am not producing a lot of content and games while doing so.  But, I am a curious sort that needs to understand exceptionally well what I am doing so I can progress in an optimal fashion.

I have about 6 different ideas for games, and more of them pop up just from conversation or observation or just from playing around with unrelated things. I can’t stop my brain from wandering and coming up with ideas, which I think is a very valuable skill set of mine. I think I need to finish this little robot game of mine and keep it simple, before getting lost in another prototype. My game ideas vary from the simple and quick, to the big and ambitious. But all of them I can create on my own.

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