Start of the second month

For the last 3 days since my birthday, I have not done a lot of work. I have been drawing, modeling in ZBrush, playing with 123D catch from Autodesk and assembling my new desk.

I have 3 Playstation Cameras waiting in customs that I intend to use with the iPi software for motion capturing in my living room, but both the post office and customs managed to delay my package for a week. At that point where I actually get my toys, I can animate biped characters by just dancing in front of some cheap gaming hardware. The 123D catch software allows me to turn a normal camera into a 3D scanner which than can be utilized to create some models or just to play with the technology.

The technology that is available for indie developers these days for a very low price makes any sort of asset creation possible for very small teams or amateurs. You don’t really need to work for a big studio anymore to be able to create high quality content and high quality animations. These days are over. Indie developers will basically shatter this little separation of technology and talent. We have all the skills, and now we have all the toys to.

The more software we create to optimize work, the less people we need to produce work.

Big teams, big budgets and big gadgets are being replaced by small teams, small budgets and cheap gadgets. A symphony vs. a rock band or an Electronic Musician. There is a similarity in those connections, as there is with big studios, small studios and indie developers. You don’t need to join a big studio to become a game programmer anymore, just like you don’t have to join the symphony to become a musician.


Otherwise, I’m leaning towards polishing up my little robot game along with working on my new prototype.

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