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There are a lot of solutions out there to help you make games, and there are a lot of formulas and predefined steps for you to follow. Most of the software tries to solve its problems or its lack of features by slowly growing and changing, but most steps that people still follow, assume that those steps hold true even though the software changes many times a year. There are numerous features in Unity that people still implement on their own because they either don’t know the software that well or they feel the need to solve it on their own because it is a problem that has always needed solving.

Knowing all the ins and outs of your APIs and production software will save you massive amounts of hours in work and testing, because those features are native to the software you are using and you just have to know how to enable it and utilize. Do not collect some rules of thumb based on your infantile introduction to software or its processes. Try to find all the problems these software solutions help you solve, so that you can actually maximize stability and minimize the amount of code you need to write and adapt as the software you are using changes.

There are even “religious” sects surrounding certain software solutions. Maya vs. Max vs. Modo vs. Softimage vs. Cinema 4D vs. Blender. Most of these packages grow and change with time, but because of their enormous code base, implementation complexities and customer base. It is very hard to change a lot of its features. If you can cut yourself away from any such mindset towards your software or your programming languages, you are a lot better of in terms of solving problems or being productive.

There is this thing I would call a subtraction bias, where you basically collect only the negative elements you find on a particular solution to count against it. If you have set your mind on a particular tag or a label for a product/person/concept and you only emphasize its faults, you are setting yourself up for being ill adaptable to changes and badly equipped when it comes to correcting your failures.

The heart of science is the study of the world around us and changing the rules when we see that previous rules are inaccurate or false. All creative processes should adhere to the same values, where you are basically a continuous student in a constantly changing environment.  If you are not comfortable with making mistakes, you will not be comfortable with correcting them.

Be humble and work hard.

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