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Life is a game

There are three major attributes to your system. Your time, your health and your resources. Balancing the three effectively is how you get the most out of it. Managing your time effectively is a good way to increase your resources, managing your health effectively is a good way to increase your time. Mismanagement of any attribute is just… Continue reading Life is a game

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Paper madness

After a number of days trying to organise and plan things on paper, I actually have a draft of the whole game on paper. It is all encoded in ink splotches and hand writing that sometimes does not look like my own. I showed all this stuff to my brother today and we are going… Continue reading Paper madness

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Making plans to assist yourself with completing a lengthy task can be a challenge. I have been spending most of the morning, edging out plans for this game of mine, from start to finish and creating a timeline of sorts for its creation and completion. How long will it take and how much effort will… Continue reading Plans


Dirty design

I do have problems when people dwell too much on "intuitive" design and what the players "want". And in actuality, I find the whole obsession a bit restricting and it imposes pressure on design that makes it hard to create something new. Say that you are creating music, and that you are making music that… Continue reading Dirty design

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What is good work?

We often define the quality of our output by the attention it receives or the work it inspires. Not all good work gets attention, but it often inspires others to create pieces that manage to captivate the people or some group of them. We appreciate originality and the surprise it can yield in our lives.… Continue reading What is good work?


Competent competitives

Motivation for learning or mastering new things can be found in either the subject you are studying or competing with others. If you are competing with others, be sure to set your aim high. Find the most gifted individuals in that particular field that exist in this world and set out to learn as much… Continue reading Competent competitives

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Just some thoughts

There are a lot of solutions out there to help you make games, and there are a lot of formulas and predefined steps for you to follow. Most of the software tries to solve its problems or its lack of features by slowly growing and changing, but most steps that people still follow, assume that… Continue reading Just some thoughts

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Third day

The day will be spent sketching and envisioning a few things so I don't waste time modeling the wrong items. I used to love drawing and art when I was a kid, but like with a lot of things I had to teach myself how to do a lot of the techniques because I was… Continue reading Third day