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Paper madness

After a number of days trying to organise and plan things on paper, I actually have a draft of the whole game on paper. It is all encoded in ink splotches and hand writing that sometimes does not look like my own. I showed all this stuff to my brother today and we are going to rough out the levels with primitives and simple geometry and get the game to flow and play correctly before we spend much time on content. Make sure the puzzles make sense, are fun and all the bugs we can find are out of the way.

As we where playing with the previous puzzle prototype, we ran into some more bugs and fixed those. A lot of other concerns and comments popped up that we need to keep in the back of our minds when creating the levels. We needs some level creation heuristics to be dangled in front of us the whole time while we are creating these levels.

We will start grinding tomorrow morning.

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