Massive construction and prototypes

I have blocked out half of the world and am now creating an accurate primitive representation of the world that can be used to walk around the world and test its flow and puzzles.

I grossly underestimate how much time can go int planning and sketch work before you actually start doing the detail work of it all. But, it is not time wasted since it gives you all the groundwork to model and design from.


This little image represents an area that is about 500 m in diameter and has 9 different sub areas, full of puzzles, graphics and such. All my levels, I need to be able to tile. Dimensions and scale needs to be accurate so that all my modular, tile pieces fit within and around. I make variations of graphical items and use the variation for the most part to break the repetitive looks of things. First, I create the world with cubes and primitives, but that are of accurate size so the dimensions are correct and any play testing will reflect how long it takes to traverse to a certain area or where I need to alter the location to better suit a flow of a particular puzzle.

Besides that, I am creating these small mobile prototypes with my brother. We have about 5 different game ideas that we can fairly quickly get up and running and figure out which ones are actually fun. I plan on using those for learning more about end to end processes and to maybe publish a couple of them to see if I can get some revenue.

But now, I need to do some more work.

Ta ta

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