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Life is a game

There are three major attributes to your system. Your time, your health and your resources. Balancing the three effectively is how you get the most out of it.

Managing your time effectively is a good way to increase your resources, managing your health effectively is a good way to increase your time. Mismanagement of any attribute is just a raze until one of it depletes and you are stuck.

A lot of people attribute discipline and schedule as a self imposed prison and you will get the most out of life by being relaxed and simply absorb all the things, for as long as you can. Which is basically trying to retain that rewarding high of accomplishment without actually having to do the work. Time management is not just about going to bed earlier and getting out of bed earlier, even though that is a good metric. You also need to make room for everything else. When is the best time to do certain things and how can you minimize time spent getting there or the dead time that could be avoided by moving it to another day.

It is like managing your home budget. How much can you trim your expenses and maximize the amount that gets saved? Stick to your 50,30,20 program and you can see that an effective way to gain resources, is just as affective in gaining time.

My next step is to improve my health a bit more. 4 hours a week to work on my body strength and posture will help me gain energy to more effectively use my time. Making the 3 – 4 hours I churn on my project each day to be a lot more affective.

I am aiming, with the help of my girlfriend to turn me and my family into an optimally greased and a calculated machine.

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