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38th day

Making builds of my little game to be familiar with that whole process and to be sure that what I have can be tested by others than myself. It is just the initial level I created a week ago so there is nothing new to see there. But it is now a small package that can be played and tested.


All the controls are smooth, but you are able to force the character through the walls if you persist for a little while.

There are no sound effects yet, but that will get added soon enough.


I want to fix that little physics bug I am running into and make sure you can disassemble the cubes if you need to. As it is right now, the block you are holding will not attach to other blocks if the block contains multiple pieces. So you need to build one large piece, not many large pieces and assemble those. So, if you have assembled two items out of multiple pieces there is not a way to combine them. That is just a flaw and will get adjusted. That also needs to get fixed before I start to create bigger puzzles.

Other than that, I can start to add the other pieces I had come up with and make puzzles out of those soon enough.

This day is only half way done, so best get back to work.

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