Programming, Work

43rd day

Implemented close to all of the automation and programming features so that you can control the robot through the instructions list along with some minor keyboard operations. An instructions list and breakpoints to halt the operations of the robot before a particular instruction hit so that you can manually place the robot where he needs to be or whatever the puzzle requires you to do.

For the more complex puzzles, I think I will introduce a memory stack and a list of registers, labels and conditional branches for users to struggle with some difficult stuff. There are a lot of ideas brewing for this, but I need to make sure that it is not too difficult and is fun.

I am setting up a custom UI skin with a Terminal font so it looks as “elite” as possible.

The first puzzle will be quite easy, but, you will not be able to solve it without the instructions list, and you will not have enough instructions to solve it without manipulating the robot at some point. I still need to figure out all the restrictions to set for the robot at each point. Just allow it to move back and forth and strafe, or change it based on the puzzle it is dealing with. Or have a limited charge for the robot, so there are only so many moves you can do in total.

I´ll attack this again tomorrow morning.


You will get to test this and try it out soon enough.

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