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44th day

Been creating a couple of levels for my game with a couple of robot models to use in the puzzles. One of them is a replacement for my previous model but the other a programmable robot to do all the heavy lifting. I was struggling with the initial idea of having just one robot that you control and program, but I found that having a main robot you control and alternate robots to actually program to be a lot better idea.

So when your main bot approaches and activates the other bots, it gets access to its command set, which might be limited or corrupted, and that is where you give it instructions or fix them.



Here you can see them side by side. The new player model is on the left, but the programmable droid on the right.

I have a checklist of about 7 items to complete before I can dump this demo on the web for people to test and play with. Nothing major or complicated.

At first, the main point was just to create a simple game to get my feet well wet with using Unity, then I wanted to just wrap up the simple game and have it playable. But a bot just moving blocks around was not very exciting to be honest. I stumbled on the idea of actually having the bot programmable a couple of days ago, and that is a bit that actually might make this interesting.

I’m still winging this and a lot is subject to change. But I actually think I have something now that I can actually want to throw on the web for feedback.


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